Q: How much will it cost to repair my faulty pc?

A: Our initial costs are £45.00 per hour we spend fixing you pc (within 5 miles of Emneth. We then charge £20 per each half hour thereafter. PC's can have numerous faults but the most common ones can usually be diagnosed and sorted within the first hour. We will let you know at the time what is wrong with your pc and how much any replacement parts will cost (which are in addition to our hourly fee).

Q: I think my pc has a virus - can you fix this?  

A: We can remove the majority of PC infections and leave your system back in a working condition. We will also install the latest anti-virus software for you FREE OF CHARGE and instruct you on how to use it properly so that a future infection can be avoided. If the virus has destroyed files on your pc these may not be recoverable so we would always suggest that you backup your important files on a regular basis. Please remember that if you back up your files onto a removeable USB memory stick that too should be scanned!

If you think you have a virus infection - please STOP using your pc as it could be made worse the more the PC is used!!

Q: My PC is "locked up" and a screen is showing saying that the police have locked my pc as I have been downloading illegal music, movies, child pornogrpahy etc. I need to pay a fine before my pc is unlocked - what can I do?

A: This is a very well known SCAM where a virus or malware has gained access to your system and changed some of the operating system files and locked you out. The name of the local police force is then overlaid onto a screen and sometimes even your picture will be taken if you have a webcam attached to your pc. As your IP address gives the malware an idea of where you are and which internet provider you use this information is displayed onscreen to make you think this is a genuine police message. The fine of £100 will never unlock your pc and all you have done is given the scammers money :o(

We can remove the lock from the system and also deep clean your pc so that no traces are left of the malicious code.

Q: I want to sell my PC but am worried the new owner may be able to get access to my personal information and deleted files etc what can I do?

A: This is a common worry people have especially in these days of identity theft. We can "sanitize" your PC ready for you to give it away or sell with the knowledge that all the private and personal information which was on your PC before is now gone for good! You will need to install the operating system back onto the PC once the sanitization has completed or we can do this for you. We use software which goes beyond the Dept of Defense's recomendations for disc sanitisation so there is no way of getting the wiped data back!

Q: My hard drive is making strange noises (clicking or whining) is this usual?

A: A clicking or banging noise coming from your hard drive is a sign that it is about to fail (or has alredy failed) and so to prevent any further damage to the hard drive and the data upon it - we recommend turning your machine OFF!. If you do not have a backup of the data on the hard drive and cannot replace these files we can forward the hard drive to one of our specialist "data recovery agents" who will provide you with a quote for the recovery of your data. This service is not cheap as it is a very specialist procedure but if the data is important to you - it is always a last resort.

Q: My pc or laptop keeps freezing and I have to restart the machine - why is this?

A: This can be down to a viral infection which has corrupted data on the drive, a bad driver which has been installed during an update, system overheating or possible some bad sectors on the hard drive where the operating system cannot read or write to the drive. We can check for all these issues during a service of your system and provide you with a full report of what we found.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to give us a call or e-mail us HERE

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