Does your pc have a virus - let us remove it with industry standard virus removal software



Don't be fooled into thinking that you will be told if your pc is infected with a nasty bug or your system changes so much that it becomes apparent something is "not quite right".

The vast majority of PC "bugs" hide quietly in the background of your operating system causing untold amounts of damage, from simply changing your home page on Internet Explorer to silently adding your pc (via a trojan) to a massive "botnet" of pc's which are then linked around the globe allowing criminals to mount attacks against big companies - usually for ransom!

With the increase in UK households having broadband internet access - the UK is fast becoming a lucrative target to these hackers who then sell on your details way above the "going rate" as the UK is an economically rich country and third world hackers are keen to get at your money!

Most "bugs" want something from you or your pc - they could be logging your keystrokes so when you visit your online bank and type in your username and password these are then sent back to the hackers or more commonly the problem is the rise of FAKE Anti-Virus & FAKE Spyware Software!

This type of infection may look so like a legitimate piece of software that you could easily be fooled into thinking you just "have to buy" the software to get rid of all the warnings that keep popping up onscreen - PLEASE DON'T - CALL US RIGHT AWAY!!

Basically this form of virus wants both your money and your credit card details - you will be shown fake anti-virus warnings telling you that you are infected and you then need to purchase the fake anti-virus software to clean your system. Firstly you will never receive any software and secondly you will have just passed your details onto the crooks :o(

Having up to date legitimate anti-virus and anti-spyware software is a must have - and most importantly, make sure it is updated EVERY DAY - if not a few times a day, as the speed at which new bugs and variations are spread is increasing.

These legitimate programs can be obtained freely and are 100% legal - don't buy the software from a shop sales person - they only want the commission - think about it - how often do you buy an extended warranty from the shop sales person? Even if you have installed "paid for" software such as Norton or McAfee - there is still no guarantee that you will be protected. We usually have to remove these companies products are they appear to be working to the customer but their pc's are full of bugs!


If you think you may already have a virus infection, then the chances are that your machine will be crawling with the nasty critters - our record on one pc is now over 1930 malware bug infections!

As part of our Virus Removal Service we will come and collect your pc or laptop and bring it back to our workshop. As it can take hours to properly "deep scan" your system to identify and completely remove all the bugs, we have found that clients prefer us to do this at our workshop rather than have us descending on their homes and drinking all their coffee! We offer a FIXED charge for our Virus Removal Service of £45 (within 5 miles of Emneth and carried out in the workshop). This £45 fee is regardless of how long the procedure actually takes but we aim to get your system back to you the next day!If only computer viruses were this big!

We use "professional" level software which is not normally available to the general public to identify exactly what bugs are in your system, we do this before the operating system loads as this way we can wipe the infection before it has a chance to duplicate or "stealth" protect itself.

We have an array of other tools at our disposal to eliminate even the most stubborn virus and bring your pc back to its former glory - if your pc has been lagging this may well be the cause!

The latest FREE & 100% LEGAL anti-virus and anti-spyware software is then installed onto your machine to assist you in making sure the problem does not come back!

A full viral report will be provided to you when we return your machine along with information on how to avoid becoming re-infected.